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Lani Blake

You're The One: Ryker Falls Book 6 (Paperback Book)

You're The One: Ryker Falls Book 6 (Paperback Book)

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She was everything he never thought he needed

After a life working his family’s ranch, Nash Winter understands animals better than people. He loathes social media, and twitter to him is a fancy word for talking. So, when his friend’s sister gets excited over the arrival in Ryker Falls of model, and social media influencer, Luna McKinley, he’s going to make damn sure she does no influencing of young minds in the town he now calls home.

Nash watches closely, waiting for her true colors to show. But the more time he spends with her, the more he realizes that the lady who’d once walked catwalks worldwide is open and honest. She also has him feeling things he’s never felt before.

Grumpy hot guys really didn’t do it for her

Luna didn’t exactly run all the way to Ryker Falls when her friend said it was time to catch up, but it was a near thing. Her life was too fast, too crazy, and too much of everything. She wasn’t walking away, just taking a break. She’d fought hard for what she’d achieved and no one, not even the past she’d run from, was taking that from her.

Okay, so the town was full of people who seemed to know everything about everyone, and it had him, Nash Winter. A tall dark drink of bitter water, who was determined to see her for what she wasn’t. She didn’t need him looking at her like a bug he wanted to squash. She’d had worse than that in her lifetime. Why then did he bother her. Why did his touch make her want something she’d never had? And why was he the one she turned to, to keep her safe?

When her past catches up with her, Luna has to decide to stay in the town where her heart now lies, or run again, and not look back.

Can Nash convince Luna to trust him? Can Luna keep Nash safe? The town cheer squad is determined they will find their HEA, but they must navigate the road to true love with care!
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