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Lani Blake

Then Came You: Lake Howling Book 7 (eBook)

Then Came You: Lake Howling Book 7 (eBook)

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One night with her could never be enough

Noah Harris had been burned once. There would be no second chance. Long-term relationships were off the table. His life was exactly where he wanted it. Friends, family, and his business, and then he walked into that bar.

The night he spent with Lucy Sullivan was simply two consenting adults and a single night of passion. But that all changes when she turns up in his home town, running from her past. It doesn’t take him long to realize he wants more from her. Noah just has to convince her to trust him with her secrets.

Lucy has been running since the day someone tried to kill her. Once pampered and wealthy, now her life is about survival. Until the night she met Noah Harris, she’d kept her distance from people. For a few hours, she lowered her defences and let someone in. The next day, she was on the run again.

Walking into his town was foolish, as was getting to know him and his people. Soon Lucy wants more and begins to dream about a life here with Noah. Can she take a chance, or will her secrets destroy any chance of a future with the man who has given her hope?

Will Noah and Lucy fight the demons from her past to reach their happily ever after?

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