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Lani Blake

The Texan Meets His Match: Lake Howling Book 2 (Paperback Book)

The Texan Meets His Match: Lake Howling Book 2 (Paperback Book)

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Helicopter pilot Ethan Gelderman is a man who has three passions. Flying friends, and woman. Then there’s Annabelle Smith. Beautiful and colder than a glacier. She has a lifetime supply of man repellent. They play nice in company but communicate with insults when alone. But Ethan has one thing in his favor: persistence. When her life implodes and only he can help, he gets the chance to infiltrate her defenses, and takes it. To hell with the bite marks!

Annabelle Smith doesn’t take anyone’s BS. She’s tough and a survivor. Betrayed by her brother, she’s forced to put her trust in the man she calls the Texan Tomcat. Ethan is a smooth-talking womanizer, too rich, too hot, and too much of just about everything! The problem is she wants him and always has, and when he shows her his vulnerable side, she’s not sure she can resist him any longer.

Resistance is futile when they’re thrown together at a wedding, and the result leaves them wondering what the hell just happened. Annabelle comes out fighting, but Ethan’s not completed years of combat training for nothing. He has the girl he wants, and he’s keeping her.
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