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Lani Blake

The Moment They Can't Forget: Duke Brothers 2 (eBook)

The Moment They Can't Forget: Duke Brothers 2 (eBook)

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Rule #1 in the best friends handbook is, don’t sleep with your best friend’s sister.

Alcohol and a hot forbidden woman never mix.
One night. Plenty of fun that turned dirty, and a morning of regrets.
JD Hopper hadn’t planned on Zoe Duke being the girl he couldn’t get out of his head. What he had planned on was never acting on it, until he did.
Now he had to pretend she’s kind of a friend, but more an irritation.
A woman who had rocked his world in a single night.
And then there were her big, bad brothers.

JD Hopper was everything Zoe hated in a man—arrogant, rich and drop dead gorgeous.
They’d been idiots to do what they had, but neither of them was into happy-ever-afters. So why can’t she forget him or his body?
A visit from her past and a secret from his and suddenly life was a whole lot harder for both of them.
And then there was her brothers.

Lyntacky was like most small towns. It had its interfering locals and families who could trace their roots back hundreds of years. Where Lyntacky stood out from the rest was their love of Square Dancing and the Duke brothers. Both were trouble. Neither had plans for leaving.

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