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Lani Blake

The Moment That Changed Everything: Duke Brothers 1 (eBook)

The Moment That Changed Everything: Duke Brothers 1 (eBook)

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He needed a date for his cousin’s wedding before his family forced one on him.

No strings. One night.
Sawyer Duke hadn’t planned on it being her.
Birdie McAllister was Lyntacky’s Little Miss Sunshine. Unnaturally happy and living her best life, or so he’d always believed.
All that changed when he overheard a single conversation.
Now he knows her secret, and he’s making her pay for his silence by being his plus-one.
The only issue Sawyer could see with the arrangement was that she no longer just annoyed him. Now he wanted her too.

Of all the people she knew to find out her secret, it had to be him. Sawyer Duke, Lyntacky’s grumpiest man. Yes, they have a monthly poll for that!
Birdie was just barely keeping her head above water, working three jobs and trying to keep her family home. She didn’t need a Duke poking his nose into her business.
She’d go to the wedding to ensure he kept her secret, but then she was avoiding him.
But a night surrounded by loved up people loosened Sawyer’s tongue, and she realized her secrets were nothing compared to his.
Clearly, there was more under that rough exterior than he wanted people to see.

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