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Lani Blake Author

Single Parent

Single Parent

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Can these single parents find a second chance at love?

Don't Look Back

Single mom Macy Reynolds has sworn off relationships after the hell that was her married life! She hadn’t planned on a night with the handsome Texan, where he took her places she’d never been before. The man spells d-a-n-g-e-r, in flashing neon letters.

From This Moment

Piper Trainer had a rough start to life, but she’s put that behind her. She’s right where she wants it to be now, surrounded by the people she loves. Just one thing is causing her angst. The stuck up, sexy lawman who walked into town. Piper didn’t need or want a hot, sexy man in her life. Especially not when her best friend died and she takes custody of her one-year-old daughter Grace. Something about his attitude gets under her skin, but each time she watches him fumble through trying to reconnect with his sisters her heart beats a little harder.

We Found Love

Autumn desperately needs a life change, both for herself and her son, Ritchie. So when she reads about a teaching position in Ryker Falls, Colorado, she jumps at the chance. Finally she can escape the man who once held her heart. A man who thinks he can still be part of their lives, despite Autumn’s protests. The Ryker Falls community welcomes her and Ritchie, wrapping them in a secure blanket of love and support. After the hell that she’s come from, it’s like the best kind of dream come true. Right up until the day she walks into Ford Winter again. He’s the man who tenderly looked after her, the man who showed her such gentle kindness when she’d no one else to turn to. The tall, imposing rancher with the easy smile but shadowed eyes.

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