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Lani Blake Author



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These women all have secrets to hide. Can they take a chance on love or will their secrets catch up to them?

Then Came You

Lucy has been running since the day someone tried to kill her. Once pampered and wealthy, now her life is about survival. Until the night she met Noah Harris, she’d kept her distance from people. For a few hours, she lowered her defences and let someone in. The next day, she was on the run again.

Only Just Begun

Living on the sidelines has always suited Mandy Robbins but all that changes when Ted Hosking challenges her to step into the light. For some reason the dangerously sexy Falls Lodge owner has decided to personally play a part in her metamorphosis. As her past comes calling, she realizes that with Ted it’s not just her heart that’s at risk … it’s her life.

The Moment That Changed Everything

Of all the people she knew to find out her secret, it had to be him. Sawyer Duke, Lyntacky’s grumpiest man. Yes, they have a monthly poll for that!
Birdie was just barely keeping her head above water, working three jobs and trying to keep her family home. She didn’t need a Duke poking his nose into her business.

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