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Lani Blake Author

Second Chance

Second Chance

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There's something extra special about the second time around for these couples! 

It Only Took You

Sheriff Cubby Hawker had his chances with sweet Katie McBride. She threw her heart at him years ago, and he’d been too slow to catch it. She left him the next day. Years later she’s a sexy, hard assed detective. When her brother sends him to check on her, Cubby finds her halfway down a bourbon bottle. Katie is broken and in danger, and he wants to protect her. He’s just not sure she’ll let him.

Somebody To Love

When Joe Trainer’s childhood friend, Bailey Jones, returns to Ryker Falls his life suddenly shifts from settled to off-center. Once they’d been closer than anyone ever guessed. Now, they’re chilly strangers. But Joe’s not letting his stubborn, sexy-as-hell ex-best friend stay closed off. He lost her once through his own stupidity, this time he’s never letting her go. Joe knows he doesn’t deserve a second chance, but he’s never played by the rules before so he’s not starting now. Game on.

Faith and the Rock Star

Ryan Lawrence wasn’t on Faith Harris’s list of favorite people. He’d broken her heart when he left Lake Howling to find fame. Forgive and forget wasn’t her motto, so when the rich rock god returns, she vows to ignore him. Stronger now, Faith is a businesswoman who doesn’t take any crap from anyone. Especially not a superstar with an over-inflated ego. He may be a man loved by thousands, just not her!

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