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Lani Blake

It Only Took You: Lake Howling Book 4 (Paperback Book)

It Only Took You: Lake Howling Book 4 (Paperback Book)

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His best friend’s sister should be off-limits

Sheriff Cubby Hawker had his chances with sweet Katie McBride. She threw her heart at him years ago, and he’d been too slow to catch it. She left him the next day. Years later she’s a sexy, hard assed detective. When her brother sends him to check on her, Cubby finds her halfway down a bourbon bottle. Katie is broken and in danger, and he wants to protect her. He’s just not sure she’ll let him.

Katie’s confidence is rocked when she’s shot in the line of duty. It takes another hit when the only man she’s ever loved finds her drunk, two days into a pity party for one. To add to her troubles, a mob boss puts a hit out on her. Forced home to Lake Howling, Katie is now under the protection of the sexy lawman. Will she be strong enough to resist him a second time?

They have vowed to serve and protect those that are vulnerable, but who will save them from each other?
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