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Lani Blake

How Sweet It Is: Lake Howling Book 3 (eBook)

How Sweet It Is: Lake Howling Book 3 (eBook)

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The grumpy baker with seriously hot buns

Buster Griffin is loyal, grumpy, and the past has taught him to have zero tolerance for idiots. Annoy him and you’re cut from his life. Unless you’re a friend, then you get two strikes. When Willow Harper turns up in his hometown determined to meddle, he’s ready to move her on. The problems starts when her business woman persona sheds and he discovers the sweet, hot mess beneath. Before he knows it, he’s making plans to keep her.

Growing up with hippie parents taught Willow to recycle like a pro and how much she hated the transient lifestyle. Uptight and commitment phobic. Her plan is to work until she gets the security she craves. When she’s offered a promotion, she only has to get sexy baker Buster Griffin’s signature to achieve it. Easy! Not so much! The hot, brooding café owner is not playing ball. It doesn’t take long for her to realize that more than her career is at stake, her heart is on the line too.

A boss who demands results, a winter carnival and a whole lot of holiday-crazy join forces to throw Willow and Buster together. Will they both stop fighting their attraction long enough to realize that, in fact, the secret ingredient is always love?!

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