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Lani Blake

From This Moment: A Small Town Romance (Ryker Falls Book 2)

From This Moment: A Small Town Romance (Ryker Falls Book 2)

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He’d waited sixteen years to come home, and the minute Dylan Howard stepped back into Ryker Falls, he knew it was a mistake. First, there was the smart mouthed brunette who’d taken a piece out of him for his attitude, which was the same as it had always been to be fair. Cold and emotionless. Then there were his two sisters who he didn’t know, and thought he didn’t want to know, but now it turns out he’s suddenly filled with this familial longing. It’s enough to drive a man to a drink. As an FBI profiler, he saw bad stuff daily, and dealt with it. But this emotional mind field is something he’s not used to, and throw in a loud-mouthed, hot brunette, and he’s pretty sure this visit will be over before it started.

Piper Trainer had a rough start to life, but she’s put that behind her. She’s right where she wants it to be now, surrounded by the people she loves. Just one thing is causing her angst. The stuck up, sexy lawman who walked into town. Piper didn’t need or want a hot, sexy man in her life. Especially not when her best friend died and she takes custody of her one-year-old daughter Grace. Something about his attitude gets under her skin, but each time she watches him fumble through trying to reconnect with his sisters her heart beats a little harder.

When someone from his past comes calling, it will test not only him, but the tender new ties Dylan has made with his family, and the love blossoming between him and Piper.

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