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Lani Blake Author

Complete Lake Howling Series Bundle

Complete Lake Howling Series Bundle

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 If you enjoy your small town romance sizzling with a side of crazy then Lake Howling is for you.

Meet the friends who have all come back to make Lake Howling their home. A Sheriff, a grumpy baker and the ex town golden boy who came home from war a changed man, to name a few.

Plenty of laughs, heat and heart that you need to read right now!

A PROMISE OF HOME - Emotional Scars (Book 1)

Wounded veteran Jake McBride understands trauma and is dealing with it his way. The only problem with that… well, two actually, are the interfering town folk of Lake Howling, who think he should live up to their expectations, and Branna O’Donnell, the Irish woman who’s even more of a recluse than him.

THE TEXAN MEETS HIS MATCH - Frenemies to Lovers, Millionaire (Book 2)

Helicopter pilot Ethan Gelderman is a man who has three passions. Flying friends, and woman. Then there’s Annabelle Smith. Beautiful and colder than a glacier. She has a lifetime supply of man repellent. They play nice in company but communicate with insults when alone.

HOW SWEET IT IS - Enemies to Lovers (Book 3)

Buster Griffin is loyal, grumpy, and the past has taught him to have zero tolerance for idiots. Annoy him and you’re cut from his life. Unless you’re a friend, then you get two strikes. When Willow Harper turns up in his hometown determined to meddle, he’s ready to move her on. The problems starts when her business woman persona sheds and he discovers the sweet, hot mess beneath. Before he knows it, he’s making plans to keep her.

IT ONLY TOOK YOU - Brothers Best Friend, Second Chance (Book 4)

Sheriff Cubby Hawker had his chances with sweet Katie McBride. She threw her heart at him years ago, and he’d been too slow to catch it. She left him the next day.

DON'T LOOK BACK - Single Mom, Millionaire (Book 5)

Single mom Macy has sworn off relationships after the hell that was her married life. She hadn’t planned on a hot night with a handsome Texan. The man spells d-a-n-g-e-r, in flashing neon letters. But when her past comes calling, she realizes that taking a chance on love may be worth the risk.

A LONG WAY HOME - Enemies To Lovers (Book 6)

All he’d wanted was a drink after the day from hell. Instead, Paul Theodore Newman ends up with a black eye and his enemy in his arms. His life is usually exactly where he wants it. Organized and on track, and then Hope Lawrence makes a reappearance. Naturalist and lover of every cause, the woman wouldn’t know a fashion label if it was taped to her forehead.

THEN CAME YOU - Secret Identity, One Night Stand (Book 7)

Lucy has been running since the day someone tried to kill her. Once pampered and wealthy, now her life is about survival. Until the night she met Noah Harris, she’d kept her distance from people. For a few hours, she lowered her defences and let someone in. The next day, she was on the run again.

FAITH AND THE ROCK STAR - Second Chance, Rock Star (Book 8)

Ryan Lawrence wasn’t on Faith Harris’s list of favorite people. He’d broken her heart when he left Lake Howling to find fame. Forgive and forget wasn’t her motto, so when the rich rock god returns, she vows to ignore him. Stronger now, Faith is a businesswoman who doesn’t take any crap from anyone. Especially not a superstar with an over-inflated ego. He may be a man loved by thousands, just not her!

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