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Lani Blake

A Promise Of Home: Lake Howling Book 1 (eBook)

A Promise Of Home: Lake Howling Book 1 (eBook)

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His first mistake was kissing her. His second was doing it again.

Wounded veteran Jake McBride understands trauma and is dealing with it his way. The only problem with that… well, two actually, are the interfering town folk of Lake Howling, who think he should live up to their expectations, and Branna O’Donnell, the Irish woman who’s even more of a recluse than him.

Branna O’Donnell is burnt out and needs a place to stop running. Strange how that place is back where she’d once been happy. Settling in to small town life again comes with complications and the biggest has a serious attitude. Once the town golden boy, Jake McBride, now wears a permanent snarl.

Jake can feel himself changing, and it’s all on her, but when Branna’s past comes calling with it comes the realization that more than lust is involved. He’s not sure he can be her hero, but he knows he wants to try.

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