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Lani Blake

A Long Way Home: Lake Howling Book 6 (eBook)

A Long Way Home: Lake Howling Book 6 (eBook)

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She challenges his control.

All he’d wanted was a drink after the day from hell. Instead, Paul Theodore Newman ends up with a black eye and his enemy in his arms.

His life is usually exactly where he wants it. Organized and on track, and then Hope Lawrence makes a reappearance. Naturalist and lover of every cause, the woman wouldn’t know a fashion label if it was taped to her forehead.

By the time he realizes the threat she’s facing is real, Newman knows he’s in way too deep to pull back. Can he help Hope clear her name and convince her to take a chance on them? 

Losing her job and savings, Hope Lawrence thought she’d hit rock bottom. WRONG! She humiliates herself in front of her childhood nemesis. No way can she face the sexy Newman again, knowing his black eye resulted from her stupidity? Can she go back to Lake Howling and pick up the pieces of her life? Both seem unlikely, as does the sudden attraction she feels for the man who wears designer clothes and has a girl in every city.

Can Hope and Newman keep her out of jail, and find a way to trust each other enough to give into the attraction pulling them closer.

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