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Lani Blake Author

The Moment She Came Back: Duke Brothers 3 (eBook) PREORDER

The Moment She Came Back: Duke Brothers 3 (eBook) PREORDER

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Coming face to face with your first love was never going to be easy.
The day Brody Duke walked into his daughter Ally’s classroom and saw Phoebe Stanway, he understood two things.
The grown-up version of the girl he’d once adored was going to be hard to resist. Second, she wanted nothing to do with him.
As if that wasn’t enough to unsettle him, his ex walked back into town stating she was ready to be a mother to the daughter she’d walked out on.
Suddenly, the life he’d created for them was in jeopardy, and Brody had no idea what to do about it.

After the hell Phoebe went through last year, she decided it was time to come home to heal with her family in Lyntacky. What she hadn’t expected was running into Brody Duke again so soon.
Their breakup had been hard, and this time she was keeping her distance, and her heart safe.
The only problem with that was his daughter. Sweet, smart, and argumentative, she was her classes resident troublemaker.
Phoebe saw a lot of awkward parent-teacher conferences in her future.

This is a preorder the EBOOK will be delivered by BookFunnel email on the 28th August 2024.

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