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Lani Blake Author

Strong Heroine

Strong Heroine

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They are strong, independent women who don't have time for a man. But love finds them when they least expect it.

The Texan Meets His Match

Annabelle Smith doesn’t take anyone’s BS. She’s tough and a survivor. Betrayed by her brother, she’s forced to put her trust in the man she calls the Texan Tomcat. Ethan is a smooth-talking womanizer, too rich, too hot, and too much of just about everything! The problem is she wants him and always has, and when he shows her his vulnerable side, she’s not sure she can resist him any longer.

From This Moment 

Piper Trainer had a rough start to life, but she’s put that behind her. She’s right where she wants it to be now, surrounded by the people she loves. Just one thing is causing her angst. The stuck up, sexy lawman who walked into town. Piper didn’t need or want a hot, sexy man in her life. Especially not when her best friend died and she takes custody of her one-year-old daughter Grace. Something about his attitude gets under her skin, but each time she watches him fumble through trying to reconnect with his sisters her heart beats a little harder.

We Belong Together

After joining the air force at eighteen, Quinn worked hard to become a fighter pilot, a goal she’s had since childhood. There was no time for boyfriends or fashion, or the things her old school friends had been doing. Dedication and focus was how she lived her life. She hadn’t planned to go home to Ryker Falls. Her life was the air force, but when her father has an accident, she knows it’s time. Finding the sexy Luke Trainer still there had been a surprise. The man had turned his life around, but like her, she knew beneath the surface there were demons. When they are continually thrown together, she realizes that in Luke she’s found something she never knew she was missing. Someone who understands her.

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